Values of i.PEICC’s popular education fall within the movement built after the second world war by militants of “Peuple et Culture” (People and Culture).

It aims to promote initiative spirit and engagement related to modern society issues. To encourage access of the greater number to knowledge, to fight against all form of inequality or exclusion and impulse social experiment dynamics.

In order to realize his objectives, i.PEICC association focus on :

  • the development of popular education and associative life
  • Cultural and artistical actions
  • International exchange and youth mobility
  • Inhabitants participation through participative democracy
  • Backing of individual and collective project
  • Studies, research and trainings / actions on our thematic fields
  • Meetings and cooperation between volunteer, militants, animators, trainers, creators all animated by the same values.
  • Pedagogical methods experiment and enrichissment through associations interventional fields

« Think to Act in a fast-moving world »

Text from the general meeting of july 2nd 2016


The actual social context is marked by unemployment, growth of inequalities, disenchantment from a large part of the youth, waste of ressources, mass migratory flows, advent of multicultural societies and new forms of mobilization for more justice, equality and exchange beyond borders. The development of informations technologies, who permit a whole new access to knowledge, bring aswell new forms of social fractures, of manipulation and play on the reconfiguration of interpersonal relations and social ties. The youth who composed today society is eye-opening on the splits inducted by strong social and economic disparity.

In this context, Popular Education represent more than ever an approach and an societal challenge to build a fairer world with more solidarity.

As a Popular Education’s association, affiliated to People and Culture, i.PEICC volunteers (militants, daily protagonists, engaged citizens…) are animated by the spirit of resistants, womend and men, who, when the peace came back, created People and Culture in 1945 to defend the right to education and culture for everyone all along their life.

Through cultural actions and knowledge for everyone, the association fits into an emancipation goal and personal fullfilment in a more egalitarian society.

This orientation suppose an approach from responsible citizens, conscious about their ability to act and to commit, for a social and political transformation.

Individual and collective emancipation

It does not resume to a “personnal development” aiming to a personnal accomplishment (self-knowledge, appreciation of your own potential, improving your life quality…) without questionning or wanting to act on your social and politic environment.

It is about giving access to people throughout their life, trainings and educations wich permit to enhance their dignity, decrypting their alienation and domination relations, raise awareness about the place they occupy in today’s society, collectively constitute ourselves as a counter-power and experiment their capacity to act.

Concretely, local players animate popular knowledge expression’s spaces, exchange between popular knowledge and theorical knowledge, appreciation of cultures, artistical expression, provoking movement, travelling, meeting other neighbourhood, others cities, countries.

These thematical fields seems important to understand. Culture can’t be reducted as an artistical dimension, it incorporate everything who can permit to understand the world, to find a place in order to act individually and collectively. Behind the cultural action what matter is to give everyone landmarks enhancing the fight against obscurantism, extremism, intolerance and discrimination. European construction and intercultural exchanges are conducive to confrontation with other cultures, travelling bring its own educative dimension, as well as the development of associative life is a democracy space.

Society’s transformation

In this purpose, political and social transformation require emancipating actions not only from simple citizens in a precised political and social context, but also from policy-makers in charge and technicians who execute these public policies (civic participation triangle).

To that extent, volunteers from i.PEICC aims to animate co-construction of public policies and mediation’s spaces wich allow to cross popular knowledge, technical knowledge and political power so that popular expertise weigh on the public decision.

A co-animated laboratory on differents territories 

i.PEICC works like a social-experimentation laboratory, the issue is to provoque a departinioning : knowledge, methods, technics, all in a cooperation mind more than a domination / competition one.

It’s about bringing everyone to raise his own awereness to knowledge, with his own way of thinking, communicating with others, responsible for the education and emancipation of others… The project is structured by crossing cultures and knowledges from human diversity, falling within a variety of territories and interventional fields : departionioning in order to rebuild and make the society.

Animators have their various field experiences and evaluations built with the participants, partners, institutions, concepts, methods and tools aimed to enrich popular education’s practice. (Cultural third place, citizen university, european mobility, project backing.)

i.PEICC diffuse these popular education’s tools and share these experiences within the framework of trainings / actions proposed to everyone, simple inhabitants, volunteers, technicians or policy-makers.

i.PEICC participate to a lot of local, regional, national et international networks in order to demultiply its action, to broaden other experiences and make available its own. It’s also about weigh an other way on public decisions. The association interact between differents players in order to allow citizens, to be more careful about societal evolutions, opening to world, and engage at a local plan in collective actions, bearer of meaning in terms of economical, social and environmental global issues from the 21st century.

General Assembly of the july 2nd 2016

i.PEICC is a member of

People and Culture union

CRAJEP Occitanie

VIASSO’s network

Association “Jardin et Partage”

i.PEICC participate through

CRIJ network

Jeun’Hérault network

To the regional platform of mobility

To the Hérault county platform of mobilityA la plateforme de la mobilité département de l’Hérault

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