The international exchanges to Ipeicc: One to go towards the others a rediscovery of the self, the active pedagogy which forms the basis of the emancipation and the freedom to think for oneself.

Within i-PEICC, team of the international exchanges implements actions of the Program Erasmus + and of the German French Service for the Youth to promote the sense of Europeanness.

Indeed, we consider that the journey and the meeting of the cultures are levers essential to the open-mindedness and to the consideration of the diversities.

Our society is crossed by multiple contradictions which damage the humanist inheritance which the founders of Europe left us. It’s by stimulating the spirit of innovation, in making links between actors of education, whether formal or non-formal, that we contribute modestly to the democratic challenge of education for citizenship Active for young and old. More than ever, lifelong education is an issue at stake in social and economic transformations.

By creating partnership strategies both regionally and at the European level, we would like to propose more hosting projects in the Occitan region and abroad to young people who are most in demand and often the least favored. Reciprocity is the basis of European exchanges.

There is a strong need to give young people (non-students) in the region the chance to experience a mobility experience abroad. Since its creation, the European Voluntary Service is a privileged tool that we put into action with a network of partners all engaged on the same European front.

Youth exchanges, both individual and collective initiatives, are valued so that everyone can draw their experiences and put them at the service of his life project.