Séjour interculturel et artistique: Heidelberg 2017

From 24 to 30 October within the intercultural and artistic project subsidised by the OFAF (Franco-German Office for the Youth) 8 young people from Montpellier have been to Heidelberg in Germany, welcomed by the Werkstattschule.

During this trip was planed to discover the partner place, the Wersktattscule, but also an initiation to sculpture with a member from the association and differents cultural visits of the city and the neighborhood.

The Werkstattscule is a place situated in the surroundings of Heidelberg where differents actors works together to the creation, the achievment and the establisment of personalized playgrounds in schools, neighborhood…

In order to do this, they put on the spot big workshop, especially carpentry.

Our french youth have benefited of one of these spaces and the support of members from the partner team for their creation all along the week.

Eight sculptures will be placed all along one of the pathway to the Wekstattschule.

They also profited from many visits of the city, its monuments, and the organization of a photo rally, in a lot of differents ways.

Sociolinguistics workshops took place all along the trip (taking the form of games usually) co-animated by Adrien, sociolinguistics animator. Wich permit, for some of them, a first approach of the German culture and language but also a linguistic breakthrough : Not speaking the same language doesn’t stop from communicating, to understand each others !

The whole trip went by in happiness and good mood and each youngster had the chance to find his place in the group, thanks to regular speaking times.

Very positive conclusion, thanks to everyone involved !